Many children are quite resilient when dealing with traumatic events; some are not. It’s a good idea for parents to know what to look for when their child might be struggling. Here are some signs that your child might be experiencing significant emotional problems:
Problems with concentration, focus, school work, headaches, stomachaches, anger, hitting, nightmares, sleep, excessive talking, withdrawal, agitation, or nevousness.

Sometimes these behavioral changes are short-term while others might represent emotional issues requiring professional help. It’s only recently that anxiety, depression, and mood issues were recognized as childhood disorders. Fewer than one in five children receive treatment early enough to significantly alter the pattern of a disorder but treated early enough, they can experience a life time of benefits.

What should I do?

First see your family practice doctor to rule out medical problems. Treatment generally starts with a family assessment by one of our therapists.

Acorn Counseling therapists use individual play therapy as one of the means of diagnosis and treatment of children’s emotional and behavioral problems for children ages three to ten. Through the use of play materials, children can express what they are feeling. Children may play out past or current issues, thereby disclosing their inner lives. Children need to use play because it feels familiar to them.

Talk therapy, family therapy, and the use of art are often used to help children eleven through eighteen years old.

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