The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services (ODADAS) set standards for the appropriate level of care. The lowest level I, is the type of treatment provided by the counselors as Acorn Counseling LLC. For individuals with substance abuse and mental health issues, Acorn Counseling LLC can provide co-current treatment. In the case of adolescents, active involvement of the parent is a must.


Although Acorn Counseling LLC is not a member of the legal community, we have many years of experience with meeting the requirments of state and municipal courts, including other states than Ohio. We are concerned with you and your loved ones successfully meeting probation and parole requirements.


Our counselors are dually licensed by the State of Ohio to treat both mental/emotional/behavioral problems and addictions.


Children from infancy to age 18 are adversely afffected by family alcoholism. Play therapy for ages 3 to 10 is recommended along with Child-Parent Relationship Therapy. For older children, one-on-one counseling might be useful.


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