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        We are here to help lead a more effective life in our complex world of work and relationships. We have concentrated experience in four area: Adult psychotherapy, Alcohol & drug assessment and treatment; child play therapy, and parenting. 

         If something troubles you, if your difficulties persist for an extended period or if you are experiencing symptoms that interfere with your daily activities, no problem is too small, give up a call, send us and email, or look at our blog for some answers. 

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  1. Why play Therapy?

    Parents do you understand “Why Play Therapy?”. This is a handout that many Registered Play Therapists give out to their parents and clients to assist in explaining how Play Therapy works. One I would encourage all parents to read this pamphlet. Two, I would encourage all parents to ask all the questions they have regarding Play Therapy of the Therapist they are working with. Your child’s mental health is at stake here and therefore the best results will occur and progress will move much faster if you understand Play Therapy and are “on board” with the Therapist in being active members of your child’s “Team”. Please don’t keep your doubts and questions to yourself; that could be detrimental to the therapeutic process. Understand that the speed of therapy depends on the child and the child guides the treatment; the therapist (and the rest of the Team) must wait on the child client and proceed at the child’s pace — not the pace we want the child to work at. This said the younger the child the more involved the parent should be in the process.

    We are all living in a “fast food” world and expect immediate results. Many times therapy does not occur as fast as we want it to. Know and trust the therapist to work alone with your child and in conjunction with you in some of the sessions. Many children need time to build rapport with the therapist assigned to them. Please allow the process to take it’s natural course. Ask Questions! Work with the Therapist, TRUST THE PROCESS; YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!

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